Kitchen products

Electrolux is the only manufacturer in the world to offer households, restaurants and industrial kitchens complete solutions for kitchen appliances.

Electrolux kitchen products account for almost two-thirds of the Group’s sales and are well-represented among the most energy-efficient alternatives. The Group holds strong positions in all major categories of kitchen appliances and commands significant global market share. The most rapid increase in sales during recent years has occurred in growth regions such as Latin America and Southeast Asia, where the Electrolux offering is primarily targeted to the fast-growing city-based middle class.

For many years, Electrolux has been a recognized leader in cookers, hobs and ovens and has developed numerous new functions that simplify cooking for both households and professionals. Electrolux is also the only kitchen appliances company to offer a range of exclusive professional kitchen products for consumers under the Grand Cuisine brand. The Group provides restaurants and industrial kitchens with complete solutions for cookers, ovens, fridges, freezers and dishwashers. Electrolux conducts operations worldwide and has a global service network.

Approximately half of the Group’s kitchen products are sold under the Electrolux brand. Other notable consumer brands include AEG and Zanussi in Europe and Frigidaire in North America.

Professional food service equipment is predominantly sold under the Electrolux brand, but also under the Zanussi brand, in addition to the exclusive cooker brand Molteni.

Kitchen trends

Rapid lifestyle changes in many countries have led to a demand for products that make life easier, make cooking healthier and food storage safer. Interest in more advanced leisure and gourmet cooking is rising mainly in mature economies.

An increasing number of people want to emulate professionals and are looking for products and functions used by the very best chefs. Food must be prepared quickly, intuitively and with excellent results.

Brands are important and the appearance of products should reflect the owner’s personality and values and harmonize with other products in the kitchen and the rest of the home.

Both consumers and professionals want products with low water and energy consumption, which are manufactured from sustainable materials and can be easily recycled.