Market development

The global market for household appliances is being transformed by five major trends: increased consumer power, digitalization, sustainability, consolidation and a growing middle class.

While these changes are placing demands on investments and economies of scale, they are also presenting major opportunities, read more in Electrolux Annual Review 2018.

During 2018, demand for core appliances increased in Europe driven by strong growth in Eastern Europe. Demand in the U.S. declined, partly related to higher industry prices. Uncertainties in the political and economic environment in Brazil and Argentina impacted market demand negatively. Overall market demand for appliances in Australia declined slightly in 2018 due to a weaker economy and slowing property market. The market in Southeast Asia remained favorable and is estimated to have increased.

Read more about the appliances market, Electrolux position and priorities in different regions. See pdf-file below.

The graphs below show the market development for core appliances in Europe and North America.

Source Europe: Electrolux estimates.